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i saw an abundance of baby ponies and since im working on developing my characters more, heres some little Dusk content!
  1. As a kid, Dusk had a little bit of a habit of trying to scare ponies, usually a typical jump-scare. Of course, it would be fine if he stayed on the ground but he ALSO has a habit of climbing onto high things and jumping DOWN to scare ponies, mainly his parents. This wouldn’t be an issue if he had wings, but he doesn’t, so they always had to catch him. Or, in this case, just nudge him back up. Big Mac was never really scared of his little kiddo but always acted surprised just to see “Lil Dipper” grin and announce that he won.
Dusk and Big Mac are very close, in a very Mufasa-Simba relationship. I even claimed younger Dusk to have the same voice as little Simba, so there you go.
  1. Despite Twilight working long hours, she loved to have her tiny son tag along and ask numerous questions about royal duties. She is a teacher at heart and lovingly puts up with all the questions that Dusk barrages her with. He thinks his mom is SUPER cool and has a habit of getting underhoof as she’s walking. Twilight only gets annoyed sometimes when this happens.
In this picture, she’s probably pregnant with Twilight Gaze… whether she knows it or not.
Also, Dusk thinks his mom is really, really pretty. Super pretty. So do most other ponies; Big Mac especially.
Ignore the fact that I changed her mane again… this is probably how it’s going to stay!
safe1751956 artist:vintagefeline18 big macintosh28848 twilight sparkle306338 oc712548 oc:dusk constellation9 alicorn233104 earth pony266481 pony1011819 unicorn342863 alternate design3028 colt15485 father and child1031 father and son946 female1403122 freckles30166 glasses64782 gray background7696 male388477 mother and child2649 mother and son3107 offspring40924 parent:big macintosh3360 parent:twilight sparkle8693 parents:twimac113 shipping205835 simple background409647 straight140456 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126246 twimac457


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