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One night in the Capital of Canterlot, the small human prince Tommy has yet another dream episode. However unlike the terror of Sombra that had haunted his visions before, this time an old ancient threat decides to poke into the young boys dreams. What will Tommy find as he wanders the world of his dreams!

Brought to you and illustrated beautifully by the artist princebluemoon3 :iconprincebluemoon3:
Now continuing on with part 2!!

safe1751837 artist:princebluemoon3829 cosmos (character)533 discord31848 oc712502 oc:king speedy hooves303 oc:queen galaxia336 oc:tommy the human500 alicorn233093 draconequus12847 human159034 pony1011721 comic:the chaos within us458 alicorn oc27649 black and white13494 canterlot5871 canterlot castle2272 castle2120 child2006 comic111536 commissioner:bigonionbean2066 creepy4444 creepy smile602 crying44863 dialogue68099 female1403042 fusion5388 fusion:king speedy hooves304 fusion:queen galaxia279 grayscale39286 holding3379 hoof in mouth281 horn77856 human oc616 husband and wife1597 male388449 mare502774 monochrome152331 muffled words470 possessed1770 restrained1391 shadow creature35 shocked expression1034 smiling261416 stallion115893 surprised9597 tears of pain1160 traditional art120365 unzipped332 unzipping153 wings123385 writer:bigonionbean1779 younger17771 zipper825 zippermouth65


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