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Ocean Wave is a very buff bat pony, quite strong and likes to be helpful, Does have a soft spot though.

Name: Ocean Wave
Nick name: Wave
Gender: Male
Age: 17

Talent: Working on it !

Likes: Playing games on pc, talking to other friends, the colour Blue, and Caramel (Caramel twirl)
Dislikes: Being annoyed, bothered and woken up, his job, and being teased

Height: 6'3 (Much larger then average)
Weight: 13 stone (190 lbs)

Sexuality: Straight
Status: Single

Backstory: Wave grew up in the badlands, his family was very poor and didn't have many friends. He met Caramel Twirl when he was 16 and they have been like Life partners since. He grew up in a very broken down house and not much to eat, he is a fruit bat pony. People often mistook him for being a very serious, when really he is quite a softy



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