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I was in a draconequus mood yesterday (yeah I spelled draconequus wrong on the doodle my bad)

:bulletblue: Athel "the Asshole" is Mr. Grumpypants and isn't much for socializing. He hates his father, Discord, and only opens up to his mother, Trixie. This big sourpuss just needs someone to love him and show him how amazing he actually is. Athel does have the ability to use chaos magic like Discord does, and uses it only so ponies leave him the hell alone!

——→ I ship TrixieCord; Athel is their oldest son

:bulletpink: Discorded Melody, or Melodi for short, is one gorgeous girl. She is ashamed of her mother for having an affair with Discord while she was together with Shining Armor, but all was forgiven years ago. Melodi is heir to the throne, since she's the oldest of the siblings. Her talent is helping ponies recognize how gorgeous they are through her little beauty parlor where she does makeup and hair for the ponies of the Crystal Empire and beyond. She does have a bit of Discord's chaos magic, but she rarely ever uses it… she can control ponies through her singing. Let's just say childhood Melodi was a major handful for her parents.

——→ I ship Shining Armor and Cadence, obviously. Melodi is Cadence's "oops" daughter when she had an affair with Discord while Shining Armor was away, but her and Shining Armor love Melodi and her unique appearance just as much as they love their other children. Melodi was born before Shining Armor and Cadence were even married.

Athel and Melodi belong to © HeyltsBlaze
Athel adopted from © Wkgan
Melodi adopted from © CitrusSkittles
safe1691229 artist:heyltsblaze3 oc675217 oc:athel1 oc:discorded melody1 draconequus11346 hybrid18334 pony952975 half-siblings605 interspecies offspring7187 monochrome148727 nose piercing2656 nose ring2111 offspring38373 parent:discord3267 parent:princess cadance1583 parent:trixie1828 parents:discodance23 parents:trixcord39 pencil3580 pencil drawing7849 piercing40398 traditional art116907


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