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Mind battered, beaten, and cursed, to become the perfect champion of battle. Afflicted with a secondary personality that now assumes control of her body to carry out the deeds of those that pull the strings behind a dimension unknown to ponykind.

Vuren Sundown lived in an age before princesses and alicorns. A time where an ancient clan named "The Sundown Clan" carried out the deeds to raise and lower the sun as a collective group.

Vuren was renowned for her exceptional ability with crossbows, capable of shooting a bolt through an inch wide hole from nearly a kilometre away. She also seemed to be quite charming, confident, and brimming with intense passion. Earning her cutiemark in marksmanship, love, and passion; she also captured the heart of a young stallion from the far eastern lands. His name, was Aegis.

Together they had a child, naming her Veen Sundown. They were a happy family. A perfect one, even.
But it wasn't meant to be.

Vuren's talent in charming, and loving others went too far. Pressured into it by another stallion, she cheated on her husband, leaving Aegis in wreck. Vuren, unable to live with her guilt, left the village and the clan, running away, leaving a four-year old Veen alone with her father.

Living in the forest now for years upon years, she knew she messed up. She knew she never should of done it. She knew she shouldn't feel sorry for herself, or sad for herself. This was her fault for doing such a thing. Yet she couldn't help it. She felt all those emotions surge through her. She let it destroy herself.

And yet, those powerful emotions echoed through the deep, dark woods.

An ancient, powerful foe that had leaked into this world. An entity not seen before in this world before, linked with time itself.

One not of this realm, yet still connected. It found her, and possessed her. In a desperate attempt to fight back, she tried to cling onto memories she still held. But that only made it worse. So, so much worse. It allowed the entity to utilize Vuren's memories, and use them. Making their way back to the village Vuren hadn't been to in a decade, the Entity started purging. Killing, and stealing souls to consume them and turn them into something else. Singlehandedly, a Sundown possessed by such incredible eldritch power, amplified it's strength to nearly godly levels.

The entity used the last of their strength to encage the survivors inside the village into an alternate dimension linked with the original one, letting the village be accessed by thousands of other realms.

Knowing the incredible power it gained by possessing a Sundown, it kidnapped her, bringing her somewhere dark, deep, lonely, and depressing.

It wanted to turn her into a champion. An even stronger weapon to use against the rest of the world. Use her to feed them souls.

First came the mask. An indestructible mask made out of strange, higher-dimensional metal. This mask had a special property. Anyone who wore it would be subjected to a personality opposite of their own, leaking into their mind, letting it slowly take over, leaving the original intact at least, but not in control

This mask also carried other effects to it. Letting her see through the weaves of time. Future and past, and increased reaction time to ten milliseconds. All the cost of slowly transforming into one of those entities themselves.

These ancient, higher dimensional entities wanted her to be as strong as she possibly could be. With nothing holding her back, and nothing to stop her from her goal.

So they put many curses on her. A curse so powerful, that even gods could barely lift them.

Unable to sleep at all no matter what.
Unable to age.
No longer needing to eat or drink.
Incapable of tasting flavor, and no longer needing to digest.
Emotions suppressed.
Pain supprssed.
Arousal completly abolished.
Incapable of having children.

And with the ability to control and use souls of the dead around her and siphon their power and spirit into pure magic made out of souls.

After they had cursed her, they gave her a cloak which was also seemingly indestructible, made out of higher-dimensional fabric. which had access to a massive, spanning pocket dimension, with additional access to another pocket dimension. The first pocket dimension, which was a massive black void of nothingness, except with tens of thousands of different weapons laying around. This effectively lets her take out any kind of weapon inside the pocket dimension on the go, and use it in battle.

The cloak allows her additional abilities alongside it.
When the cloak glows green, it's healing her.
Yellow increasing physical speed and spell casting speed.
Red shoots forth red hot, 50,000 degree lasers from the pattern running along the entirety of the cloak, with effective kill range being 10-20 meters.
Orange increases body weight and strength, to allow for lifting and swinging large, heavy objects.

Over the course of thousands upon thousands of years, the alternate personality had fully integrated into her mind and brain. It was truly two minds in one. Both capable of talking to eachother, both capable of acknowledging eachother as two different entities.

And once the transformation was complete, they sent her off into the world on her glorious, almighty mission…
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