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safe1577627 artist:ponyhell59 applejack158991 big macintosh26884 fluttershy198070 princess celestia90106 rainbow dash219625 rarity169898 twilight sparkle283012 zecora8789 alicorn195703 earth pony199817 pegasus240351 pony847430 unicorn267053 zebra15769 apple14655 apple tree2720 atg 2020920 butt27735 cellphone2840 crossbow251 dead3815 female901027 food60979 history275 hug25512 industry15 male306150 mare416450 newbie artist training grounds5766 on back22454 phone5145 plot71274 plow81 rarity is industry3 religion609 smartphone1526 stallion92975 tree27555 unicorn twilight12947 x eyes523


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