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Decided to color another comm of mines X3  
Honestly, I really love how this turned out <3
Anyways, I’m taking color commissions now.  
It’s $2 per character and an extra $2 if there is a complex background.  
So for example for this type of pic, it’d be $4 total since it’s 2 characters and no background.
Sketch by TeaBucket  
Original Sketch can be found here:

safe2210958 artist:mrm133 artist:php13518 pinkie pie259840 twilight sparkle363056 alicorn322740 earth pony520711 pony1641184 g42065605 blushing282053 butt238554 candy10127 clothes650844 collaboration7078 costume39968 female1844983 fetish58684 food103954 glowing horn29865 heart79495 high res410080 horn211395 imminent vore3206 levitation16562 magic98702 mare767763 maw1258 mawshot2810 micro12222 nightmare night costume2852 open mouth245810 patreon15493 patreon logo9776 pinkie prey757 plot148909 star swirl the bearded costume602 telekinesis39971 tongue out151102 twilight sparkle (alicorn)151600 twipred1121 uvula3316 willing prey403


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