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There was a time that Obsidian was the Reaper of Soles, the head torturer for the Children of the Night, a clandestine cult that captured Princess Luna, intending to free Nightmare Moon from her body and set her to rule Equestria. Subjecting Luna to severe, grueling pedal torment was her one goal and desire - and how have the tables now turned. Those days are now long in the past, but Obsidian still suffers her healthy dose of penance on a daily basis, acting as Luna’s stress release toy. Obsidian undergoes many devious, inventive teases and torments on a regular basis - for instance, being made to act as Luna’s foot stool for hours on end, supporting the massive alicorn’s feet with her feeble body weight, knowing that devious penalties await should she falter. The charcoal unicorn has been through much of the same torture she once inflicted upon the Princess, and her evil ways have thusly been somewhat mended - but her deep adoration for Luna has gone nowhere; a core component of this pony’s psyche is her slavish love for the Princess of the Night, no matter her incarnation. Even now, she wishes she could be the one domineering over Luna’s enormous feet, which are currently pushing deep into her lower back - and maybe it is the thought that one day, if she behaves, that she’d be allowed to so much as touch them, that keeps her going. Oh well. One way or another, it’s a whole lot of teasing, torment and denial for the formerly villainous torturer…
Hello again! Some more art. This time, not my own. This was originally drawn by FetishSketches and I took the liberty of doing a color job on it, and uploaded with his permission. Frankly, this is my best coloring work of another artist’s work to date, if you ask me, I’m quite pleased with it. All credit to the strength of the original art too, of course. And thanks to Extor for writing the description this time, it’s quite lovely.
See the original over here, give it some love.
As always stay tuned for more!

suggestive191716 artist:arcadias22 artist:fetishsketches1148 color edit9035 edit174147 princess luna117730 oc954863 oc:obsidian126 unicorn544493 anthro362829 plantigrade anthro52119 g42044174 alternate hairstyle38358 ballgag9397 barefoot35375 big feet394 blushing276997 bondage46839 breasts394666 bridle5015 clothes640590 colored25245 colored sketch4738 feet54898 female1818026 females only17030 fetish57628 foot fetish11930 foot focus5662 gag20109 humiliation2807 jeans6618 nail polish11748 panties64214 pants22662 plaid487 signature45126 soles7054 tack7170 toe ring1056 toenail polish2467 toes9425 underwear79437


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The colors really bring out the beauty of her large tasty soles, especially the lil lighting details on them. Good job with that and also great choice of colors for the lil details like Luna’s jewelry and Obsidian’s head harness <3