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Artist's comment:
I was so into semi-anthro pone when I just entered the fandom years ago.
Nostalgia there you go!
safe1558281 artist:luciferamon290 twilight sparkle280176 alicorn191608 semi-anthro10822 alternate hairstyle23944 bipedal30159 clothes402382 cute173910 ear fluff22660 female882345 glasses54033 mare405735 moe1280 off shoulder1170 ponytail15273 raised hoof38542 shirt20672 shoes29536 simple background338926 skirt35078 smiling210993 socks55915 solo961538 twiabetes9973 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113918 white background85082


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Twi’s Engineer Hubby
Are you SYMBOLs?
There is only one user from EQD that uses big baby. XD

Yes, I’m the same Mares Fillies that was banned from Equestria Daily like 2 years ago. :)