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safe1574055 artist:last-star-oc48 applejack158724 fluttershy197620 pinkie pie203080 rainbow dash219217 rarity169569 twilight sparkle282489 earth pony198474 pegasus239192 pony844694 unicorn265690 leak1535 spoiler:g5933 applejack (g5)247 clothes408535 colored wings5019 earth pony twilight361 female898048 fluttershy (g5)267 folded wings4594 g51123 glasses54839 mane six29430 mane six (g5)77 mare414931 multicolored wings2177 pegasus pinkie pie303 pinkie pie (g5)249 race swap12522 rainbow dash (g5)228 rainbow wings494 rarity (g5)176 redesign1705 scarf21096 simple background345171 spread wings47742 twilight sparkle (g5)248 unicorn fluttershy229 white background86986 wings75729


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