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safe1558614 screencap195521 bon bon15497 carrot top5122 golden harvest5122 sweetie drops15497 trixie61368 earth pony191896 pony829581 unicorn258992 boast busters1003 magic duel1969 animated91188 background pony8939 caption17993 clothes402503 female882613 fleeing67 humiliation1944 laughing6990 magic projection5 mare405891 memories165 pointing3629 poor trixie1 ridicule2 shunning7 smoke bomb64 subtitles1264 trixie's cape3281 trixie's hat4026 trixivision54


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Background Pony #D26C
"Everywhere I went I was laughed at and ostracized."

That's because you returned to Ponyville.