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safe1709065 alternate version45656 artist:poniidesu380 oc686234 oc only449654 oc:apogee852 oc:nyx2198 alicorn224956 earth pony249701 pegasus292782 pony970138 absurd resolution66271 alcohol7203 alicorn oc26645 anime5552 atmosphere33 beer1701 black hole197 blue eyes5120 blushing198074 comet143 corona23 crater167 cute200197 desu50 drawthread2372 ear fluff29655 earth1108 ethereal mane8007 eyebrows5078 eyelashes10704 fanfic art14355 female1365525 filly66944 food70268 freckles28945 galaxy622 heart48460 hurricane50 japanese8255 lens flare1799 looking at you169084 loss (meme)298 mare in the moon1733 mars122 milky way galaxy46 moon23504 motion lines536 nasa72 nasapone4 nebula199 night26416 night sky1796 north america17 ocbetes5275 pepperoni pizza416 pizza1932 ponified41188 raised eyebrow6576 rock4478 rook35 shading1856 shooting star971 signature24899 sitting63401 sky14204 smug6031 space5074 space shuttle40 starry mane4210 stars15657 sun6700 text59664 tiny1248 tiny ponies1449


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