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A flashback pertaining to the creation of King Speedy Hooves
Done by chedx

safe (1504927) artist:chedx (286) big macintosh (26150) flash sentry (11588) shining armor (20983) trouble shoes (990) earth pony (173816) pegasus (214176) pony (781799) unicorn (234971) comic:the fusion flashback (45) comic (95791) commissioner:bigonionbean (943) dialogue (55122) doodle (2298) fusion (3965) hat (70887) magic (61638) stairs (1382) writer:bigonionbean (703)


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4 comments posted
Background Pony #7BCB
Convenience mainly. But also, why even put it in the description if it's not going to be clickable? I thought you just forgot to link it and was letting you know.
Background Pony #7BCB
You forgot to make the links clickable in the descriptions for all these images