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Name: Astro Crescent
Mother: Trixie Lulamoon
Father: Prince Blueblood
Headcanon: He’s very close to his mother. His father was always busy with diplomatic activities. That isn’t to say that his father didn’t love him as he would find the time to be on his birthdays, Hearthswarming eves, and would even give him advice on picking up mares on Hearths and Hooves Day. He would be close to his Aunt Starlight and Uncle Sunburst. Starlight would help him with his magic while Sunburst would help him in reading and researching He always loved astronomy and stargazing.
safe (1524068) artist:avatarmicheru (46) oc (574188) oc:astro crescent (1) pony (798979) unicorn (243731) cloak (3656) clothes (388265) glasses (52015) high res (19635) male (288889) offspring (32058) parent:prince blueblood (768) parent:trixie (1619) parents:bluetrix (301) simple background (324995) solo (938046) stallion (86398) transparent background (169613)


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