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February 13, 2017-September 29, 2019. Another backlogged art out of the way.
Art originally posted through My Patreon. For $1 patrons get to view personal art one month early, and exclusive WIPs and sketches.

suggestive190457 artist:king-kakapo1333 rarity217268 twilight sparkle357235 unicorn536627 anthro358961 unguligrade anthro65191 g42026000 belt9341 bikini25573 breasts390171 busty rarity17596 busty twilight sparkle16350 cleavage46587 clothes633057 cutie mark51361 dress61867 duo169111 ear piercing43585 eyeshadow29936 female1799368 high res407619 jeans6519 jewelry112642 looking at each other34205 makeup40195 mare738840 midriff24299 necklace32230 open mouth236862 pants22313 piercing63793 sandals5664 shoes59223 skirt55413 sunglasses21021 swimsuit39053 talking10763 unicorn twilight33057 unshorn fetlocks46510


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