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Base by Trickate
thinking on revive the good rarijack that i love help  
I mean i love capperity a lot too bc furry cat but rarijack is great too;; and i like the idea of capper and aj fighting over bc about capper “job” and aj being the element of honesty just criticizing him is just ksksjhkhkk also yeah i’m gonna make rarity a dude in my ng, nobody can stop me now fight meeee
so the boys are Twilight, Aj, Elusive (ftm) and Pinkie (ftm)  
also twi is tired like hell about his son, save blazee

safe2171850 artist:moshiitomo24 artist:neythancake5 applejack200217 fluttershy258301 pinkie pie255489 rarity217315 trixie79493 twilight sparkle357314 pony1599947 g42026616 adoraberry44 applejack (male)1241 bubble berry1835 cute265421 diapinkes12587 diatrixes3847 dusk shine2737 duskabetes58 elusive1397 elusweet21 female1799898 gay37163 half r63 shipping2681 jackabetes7930 lesbian117526 male549854 raribetes7006 rule 6333308 rule63betes682 ship:applelusive53 ship:rarijack8257 ship:trixshine52 ship:twixie5375 shipping253845 shyabetes19206 straight178820 trans male494 transgender3578 twiabetes15278


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