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“Nice to see you’ve finally joined the Dracony side!”

“Don’t think I don’t see you with that potion!”

“I’m sure it’s just puberty, our little Rainbow Feather has finally grown up!”

“It’s definitely not that- AND STOP LAUGHING! I'M A GRIFFON!”
safe1691242 artist:carnifex2315 oc675225 oc:lavender225 oc:rainbow feather304 dracony6559 hybrid18334 black and white12723 friendship1249 funny4105 grayscale37700 interspecies offspring7187 jerk89 magical lesbian spawn11815 monochrome148730 next generation5922 offspring38373 parent:gilda626 parent:rainbow dash5644 parent:rarity4127 parent:spike2239 parents:gildash344 parents:sparity1430 potion2127 prank1434 species swap19190


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