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I am like so happy with how these two came out

Bone Meal (Demon) has a very strange attraction to anything dead or decomposing, he's known to have a collection of bones and skulls and has a habit of grave robbing from local cemeteries not really caring about the emotional damage it may cause. He knows every curse word known to pony kind and his dirty jokes are so disgusting that even the most perverted ponies feel like they need to take a month long shower after hearing one.

Golden Laurel (Angel) tries to see the good in everyone she meets, she has a role as a Guardian Angel watching over and sometimes being sent from the heavens to help, she is so sure of her heavenly powers she can come off as a bit proud but her determination and focus on the task at hoof are so strong and she ain't bad at singing either
safe1689606 artist:rosefang1686 oc674065 oc only442718 oc:bone meal (ice1517)2 oc:golden laurel (ice1517)2 demon2865 demon pony1276 pony951278 angel937 anklet897 bat wings9069 beard3568 bracelet9183 chest fluff38181 choker11718 colored sclera683 devil tail164 duo59643 eyeshadow15259 facial hair5762 female1347546 goatee1491 halo1676 horns5801 jewelry61975 leg fluff2972 lip piercing1126 makeup20957 male367043 mare472752 markings1550 nose piercing2651 nose ring2109 piercing40297 purple background2956 simple background387656 spiked choker1562 spread wings53764 stallion106579 wing fluff1604 wings103888


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