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“Do you really think he’ll take it well?”
”Mmhm!” Marble Pie hummed optimistically as she and Indigo Dreams watched Beryl play with his toys. Indigo had been sneaking over to the Pie family rock farm for awhile now, both to take a break from her…strict husband and to reunite with the son she’d never thought she’d see again. While she had explained everything to his adoptive mother, she had yet to tell Beryl himself. If she was to keep coming over like this, he might as well know.
“Are you sure? All those years ago I…I left him. It was for his own good, but I can’t imagine how he would feel knowing it was me who…abandoned him.” Indigo sighed sadly.
”No,” Marble uttered softly. “You didn’t abandon him. You did what you had to.” She turne back to the colt. “Berry has always wanted to know who put him on my doorstep. He used to ask all the time. I know he’d be so happy to finally know.”
”If you’re sure…do you want to tell him?”
“Mm-mm,” Marble rose out of her seat. “I think you should.” She gestured over to the colt before leaving the room.
Now Indigo had to tell Beryl the truth.
Despite being mostly blind, Indigo could see the blurry white figure of the colt stop moving as she got his attention.
”Yes, Miss Indigo?”
”Could you come sit next to me?” Indigo patted the space next to her on the couch. “I need to tell you something.”
Beryl bounded over towards the unicorn mare. “Sure! What is it?”
Indigo’s nerves tied into a knot. What would he think of her if he knew? Marble said he would be happy, but could she be sure? How would he feel knowing she had left him behind. Would he feel unwanted and resent her? The only way to know was to tell him.
In spite of her nerves, Indigo plastered on a calm smile. “Beryl, dear, can you tell me how you met…your mother?” The word almost pained her to say.
”Yeah!” Beryl exclaimed cheerfully. “Mama was really sad and lonely, so she prayed for somepony to love, and an angel from heaven put me on her doorstep!”
”Of course,” Indigo chuckled. “Well…what if I told you it was me who brought you to her?”
Beryl gasped. “You’re the angel from heaven?”
”Well, I might not put it that way,” Indigo took a deep breath. “You see, I am your biological mother. I gave birth to you, Beryl. Your father has…some issues, so I had to find a new home for you…”
The colt was quiet for a moment, and then said in a chipper tone, “Well, it’s a good home!”
Indigo began to tear up. “I-I had no choice. It wasn’t…isn’t safe at our home. You deserved a better life, Beryl. One that I couldn’t give you. I love you so much and I want what’s best for you. Please don’t think I abandoned you-“
She was stopped by a hoof placed on hers. “You didn’t abandon me. I know you’re a good pony, you’d never do that! You gave me a happy life!”
”I’m glad you think so,” she smiled.
“But now that I met you, I know I have two mamas who love me! That’s even better than one! You should keep coming over more.”
”I will, Beryl. And I’ll introduce you to your brother and sister, Hypernova and Lucy.”
Beryl gasped. “I have a brother and sister?”
Indigo nodded. “Yes! I’m sure they would love to meet you.”
“I wanna meet them too!” Beryl replied happily. “Hey, can I call you Mom now?”
She never thought she’d hear it, but she did. Mom. He really had accepted her, and not just as a family friend. Indigo was Beryl’s mother, and she would embrace that title.
Tearing up, she pulled him into a hug and choked out, “Yes, Beryl. You can call me Mom.”
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