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Decided to redo my bloodline image and so I'm literally starting from scratch.

:bulletsilver: Not together

Here is the Queen Chrysalis x Reformed!Sombra x Radiant Hope:

First Generation
Queen Chrysalis
The initial parent to Loveless Light, she and Sombra worked together and one of those nights ended up with creating Loveless Light. She would eventually have Sombra retrieve their daughter to raise. Despite her harsh general disposition, she is incredibly protective of her daughter and loves her to no end, though she rarely shows it.

After going off to find the pieces of the broken princess, he and Radiant Hope's relationship blossomed to having two children. He was happy to raise Loveless Light as well, loving her as much as his other children.

Radiant Hope
Radiant Hope was happy to be a mother to Loveless Light and includes her in all that the family does. She was well-loving to Sombra and respected Chrysalis's raising of Loveless Light.

Second Generation
Loveless Light
Loveless Light is a shy and hesitant mare who doesn't require draining of love to live but she definitely thrives with it around her. She has an alter ego named Tender Heart that is a unicorn. She is generally ashamed of her appearance, which vexes her mother and has her younger half-sister, Bright Side, doing anything to show her that she's not a monster.

Bright Side
Bright Side inherited the Crystal gene from her mother and is as her name implies. She's very kind, very loving, just like her mother, and very devoted to her older half-sister. They are often seen together and are the best of friends.

Somber Charm
The youngest in the family, he is calm, collected, and stern looking but underneath that is another loving character who is super sweet and just as doting. For some reason, he embarrasses Loveless Light with his attention and many think it's because she's never had a male pay attention to her. There is no romantic emotiosn between the two but this alludes to Loveless Light's unsure interaction with the opposite sex due to her raising with just a Queen and drones (which have no gender for the most part).
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