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Name: BedlamGender: Male  
Species: Draconequus  
Eye Colors: Blue (left) and Orange (right)  
Height: 4 feet  
Length: 12 feet, nose to tail  
Nickname: Beddy Bye
In spite of his monstrous appearance, Bedlam is one of the shyest and most gentle creatures in all of creation. He is often slow to approach strangers, but he is fiercely loyal to his friends, and will always rush to their aid. He loves to fly, swim and walk around in the forest, and can often be placated with a handful of sprinkles or being called ‘Beddy Bye’.
Like all other draconequuses, he was born and raised in The Chaos Realm, although he was never especially eager to cause mischief. He was often found playing by himself, creating microverses and painting crop circles while the other cubs made butterflies breathe fire. He would, however gather around interdimensional portals with the other cubs to watch less-evolved worlds, and became enamored with Equestria, where the creatures were as kind and harmonious as Bedlam himself.  
Many years later, Bedlam mustered the courage to visit Equestria, where his attempts at making friends resulted in him being chased out of town by angry mobs. Even when attempting to use his magic for good, Bedlam was unable to gain the ponies’ trust, as his chaos magic prevented his actions from having the intended outcome (for example, turning a half-constructed barn into a mound of pickled anchovies). Eventually, Bedlam retired to a long-abandoned quarry where he would neither harm nor be harmed by the denizens of Equestria, but he was eventually found by Maud Pie, who introduced Bedlam to The School of Friendship, where he was (cautiously) accepted by the student body. Bedlam is now a full-time student at the school, where he not only learns about making friends, but also takes private lessons on how to control his magic.


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