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Pregnancy may come with a lot of excitement and anticipation for the wonders of parenthood, but nobody talks about the other “joys” of the experience. Including:

1. Morning sickness! Or all-day sickness. Especially when carrying triplets.

2. Constant trips to the bathroom! When you’re a teacher, little kids sure do take a long time to pee-pee and poo-poo when you’re waiting in line…

3. Cravings and (likely permanent) weight gain!

4. Kicks in the ribs! It’s even worse with twins

5. Other people touching you without permission!

6. Sore feet! Soreness all around, really.

7. Your favorite dress doesn’t fit anymore!

8. You can barely move some days, and it’s super exhausting! Especially if you’re on the smaller side….and you’re carrying twins…

9. Low sex drive! Firework sure finds it disappointing. He threw away all of his “special toys” for Dusk, and now he has to deal with an 11-month dry spell until the baby is born? This'll be a long pregnancy, and Firework isn’t even the one pregnant!

10. Wild mood swings!

11. And the miracle of childbirth! Firefly finds it amusing. Galaxy not so much.
safe1575748 artist:kindheart525688 artist:peep-dis75 maud pie11861 princess flurry heart6263 oc605063 oc:confetti surprise63 oc:cream jade28 oc:dusk star67 oc:firefly144 oc:firework81 oc:galaxy guard99 oc:honeycrisp131 oc:paint swirl74 oc:primrose114 oc:pristine melody63 oc:shining star69 oc:storm strike47 oc:turquoise edge121 alicorn195354 changepony862 earth pony199083 hybrid15264 pegasus239685 pony845882 unicorn266281 kindverse836 crying40182 digital art11890 female899476 food60846 glasses54954 hair bun2862 interspecies offspring6392 magical lesbian spawn10743 male305541 next generation6126 offspring34449 offspring shipping731 parent:applejack3273 parent:big macintosh2676 parent:blossomforth66 parent:cheerilee367 parent:cheese sandwich1628 parent:coloratura358 parent:fancypants712 parent:flash sentry2558 parent:fleur-de-lis311 parent:limestone pie452 parent:pinkie pie3593 parent:princess luna1949 parent:queen chrysalis993 parent:rainbow dash5014 parent:silver script65 parent:soarin'2159 parent:starlight glimmer1145 parent:sunburst871 parent:thunderlane526 parent:twilight sparkle7330 parent:zephyr breeze625 parents:blossomlane55 parents:cheerimac266 parents:cheesepie1405 parents:chrysaluna111 parents:fancyfleur176 parents:flashlight2200 parents:rarajack178 parents:soarindash1625 parents:starburst406 parents:twiscript64 parents:zephyrstone200 pregnant12298 shipping184087 sketch58833 sketch dump3002 straight121680 wall of tags2314


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