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safe2197642 screencap297719 grampa gruff483 prince rutherford887 princess celestia113745 princess ember8743 seaspray233 starlight glimmer60660 thorax5520 twilight sparkle361079 alicorn319406 changedling11640 changeling67133 classical hippogriff6537 dragon87033 griffon37228 hippogriff13789 pony1628057 unicorn549605 yak6318 g42053573 school daze3174 blind eye335 bush4713 changeling king465 cloven hooves16910 crown30563 dragoness14432 ear piercing45089 earring33639 ethereal mane13788 eye scar6127 female1829023 fez665 hat126440 horn203667 horn ring7822 jewelry116149 king thorax3869 looking up24543 male559462 mare758079 meadow531 necklace33143 piercing65629 regalia37364 scar16746 smiling405864 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150769


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