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RushCars24's avatar
Sci-Twi Lover
I’m a Space Bound rocket ship
And your heart’s the Moon
And I’m aiming right at you
Right at you
Two hundred fifty thousand miles on a clear night in June
And I’m aiming right at you
Right at you
Right at you
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Background Pony #D456
Staaaaaaar Maaaaaaaann, waiting in the sky. he wants to come and meet us but he thinks he’d blow our minds!
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Background Pony #1E8F
Drive it on up and let’s cruise a while
Leave your troubles far behind
You can hedge your bet on a clean Corvette
To get you there right on time
Now if you’re ready to dive into overdrive
Baby, the green lights are on
It’s like you’re running your brain on some high octane
Every time she reaches fully blown

Won’t you take that ride on heavy metal?
It’s the only way that you can travel down that road
Satisfied on heavy metal
Baby won’t you ride, ride it until it explodes
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Comments21 comments posted