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_~Like a thief in the night
I'm coming for your heart
I'm coming for your heart
This time it's anything goes
I guess I'm just a selfish ghost
Ghost, ghost, ghost…~_

Lyrics from Thief by Ookay

Finished version of my previous WIP regarding these two.

So, as mentioned previous, this was inspired by the above song, Thief by Ookay, a song that features some very fine saxophone work. Now, some might ask, why does that song make me think of Void Star and Pupa? Well, because Void Star's title/nickname/etc is 'Ghost of Twilight Hours', as well as being the active pursuer in the two's relationship. Void Star is a far more comfortable with the dirty parts of his blood (Being the son of an alternate timeline Nightmare Moon), while Pupa struggles with his blood ties and actions in the past. Void Star finds Pupa's grumpiness rather cute and isn't bothered by his attempts to be snappish or a general bully. Pupa would never admit it, but having someone else around with a 'monster' for a mother makes him feel a bit more at ease and less judged.

(Note: I am still working on commissions and grid babies, however today was a sketch day, meaning aside from finishing this up, I sketched a metric ton of stuff. These little NG scenes are kind of my break for the day/done during my evening delirium before bed (Between 1-3am usually).


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