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The Needle - A horror-mystery adventure Audiobook

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safe1692283 artist:meiyeezhu349 starlight glimmer48236 oc676042 oc:frozen confection11 equestria girls198426 anime5319 apron4214 beanie3605 clothes454476 comic108269 cone66 correction47 disappointed501 false advertisement8 food69219 freckles28384 hat85679 ice cream4970 licking19987 old master q509 parody15581 pigtails4699 revenge839 ripped pants473 shoes35780 tongue out102582 traditional art117000 twintails1684 upset1214 vandalism146 vendor84 vest3846


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Background Pony #2383
Starlight: Hmph, these capitalists fooled me with large ice cream image! I wish it was free!
Trixie: Chill out will ya? Capitalist society often shows big but gives small, just be careful and get used to it!
Starlight: Arghh!