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artist description:  
heyyy so. i know im not like, actively in the pony fandom much, but like. I’ve been developing these guys for about a year or so? maybe. i just wanted to finally get them out here sense i love em a lot and i wanted to stop hesitating lmao (btw i have like. 2-3 more pages similar to this with more next gens. soooo expect some more of these <:^) ) from left to right>>>
North Star Son of Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer, his talent is navigation and map making. Extremely well mannered and polite, he holds his family’s reputation above anything else and wants to create a legacy of his own. This sometimes blinds him from truly important things, and has caused him to dislike his talent due to it not meeting his standards as for what a, ‘royal should have’.
Malus Son of Applejack and Rarity, his talent is acting and directing. A true gentleman, Malus sometimes has a hard time accepting the wild life his mother Applejack flourishes in(tho he still loves his ma dearly). He lives for the stage and any chance of spotlight he can get, and while he has a bad rep for getting caught up in the moment, he always holds his family above anything else.
Bottle Rocket Adoptive daughter of Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich, her talent is creating fire works and flashy magic displays. A literal bomb waiting to go off, Pinkie and Cheese’s wild personalities most definitely rubbed off on their daughter. Always bubbly and absurdly stubborn, Bottle has an odd affinity for magic, able to perform advance spells almost on accident, only to not be able to recreate it a moment late. While her skill is evident, she much prefers the happy-go-lucky life she currently has.
Frostbite Daughter of Rainbow Dash and Thunderlane, her talent is weather operating. Cool, calm, and collected, Frost Bite holds little of her parents’ competitive nature. Blinded at a young age left her a little shaken and worse-for-wear, but she insists on not being a hindrance to anyone and continues to live life to the fullest. Even attempting competitions and activities that, normally, would be a little out of her capabilities. (//her eyes are actually weirdly on focus, but meh im too lazy to change it lmAo)
Lustrous Lily Daughter of Fluttershy and Tree Hugger, her talent is blacksmith-ing. Lily’s mothers aren’t quite sure where their daughter picked up her reckless and brash nature, and were even more surprised when she picked up a knack for ironwork, but they love her all the same. Lily has a wild competitive streak, challenging ponies to hoof races and insisting on only perfection in her work. And while she loves adventuring and concurring obstacles, her true love will always be in crafting.
yeahhhh there’s that. hope y’all like em. im gunna upload siblings/royals/etc later, still doin colors n lineart. (also im so indecisive. expect major/minor edits to happen down the line)
by e

mlp (c) hasbro
art, characters (c) nutter-meg

safe2172572 artist:nutter-meg7 oc946664 oc only687178 oc:bottle rocket6 oc:frostbite174 oc:lustrous lily1 oc:malus4 oc:north star133 pony1600745 adopted offspring1470 magical lesbian spawn15514 offspring50118 parent:applejack5084 parent:cheese sandwich2350 parent:pinkie pie5289 parent:rainbow dash7470 parent:rarity5601 parent:sunset shimmer1847 parent:thunderlane664 parent:twilight sparkle10309 parents:cheesepie1983 parents:flutterhugger96 parents:rarijack530 parents:sunsetsparkle423 parents:thunderdash129 simple background595246


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