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MILFs & Cougars Art Pack by MLPFWB

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Point Commission for: For this fusion's outfit, I basically fused Violetta Belle and Indigo Zap's style together. You can tell by Violetta's belt and sleve cuffs. If anybody doesn't know who Violetta is, she's the fusion of Rarity and Pinkie Pie. Fusions you may also like… (Rarity & Pinkie Fusion)… (Rainbow & Pinkie Fusion)… (Sunset & Pinkie Fusion)… (Rainbow & Rarity Fusion)… (Rarity and Sweetie Belle Fusion) Want to see more fusions? Click there -→… Credits All bases used belong to SelenaEde and CookieChanS2 Rarity, Indigo Zap and Pinkie Pie belong to Hasbro.Indigo Zap's outfit belongs to BerryPunchrules Magenta Starset belongs to me and YulianaPie26.
safe1678804 artist:prettycelestia102 indigo zap2432 pinkie pie213564 rarity179328 equestria girls196551 balloon10050 boots21221 bracelet9085 clothes449607 fusion5055 gem fusion70 goggles13857 high heel boots5327 jewelry60988 multiple arms234 raised leg7528 school uniform7122 shoes35202 six arms11 skirt38883 socks64789 steven universe1496


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