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I really wanted to draw Crescent and Rose’s first date, though only he calls it such. Crescent calls it a ‘walk through the park’. Still she is enjoying herself for once. Meanwhile, her besties, Key Lime Pie and Pixel Blossom ‘sneakily’ follow them. Key is ecstatic that her best friends is finally finding a stallion who likes her and actually tries to get to know her rather than just trying to bone her. Pixel is suspicious of him, noting how different he is from other ponies, as well as being an entirely new pony to Canterlot. Who was he?
To add to this, Rose’s sisters are watching him as well. Sour is angry that he is abandoning his mission to hang out with some dumb pony girl. They had more important things to do than just wait around for him as he made googoo eyes at some mare. Ardent is just curious as to how things will turn out. Perhaps his actions will bear fruit after all?
Crescent and Rose hang out a few more times after this. She isn’t ‘dating’ him but he is one of the few stallions who amuse her enough to not be bothersome. He even thinks her accent is cute…
safe1765462 artist:jolliapplegirl470 oc719479 oc only469850 oc:ardent melody7 oc:crescent moonstone20 oc:key lime pie11 oc:pixel blossom2 oc:rose red36 oc:sour note65 earth pony272516 pegasus314792 pony1025437 unicorn348673 adopted offspring1136 couple5715 date933 interspecies offspring7924 magical lesbian spawn12799 next generation6007 offspring41259 parent:adagio dazzle152 parent:aria blaze118 parent:princess cadance1695 parent:rarity4498 parent:sonata dusk193 parent:sour sweet19 parent:sunset shimmer1529 parent:unnamed oc381 parents:canon x oc1821 parents:sunsagio56 park1107


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