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Part 2 for chapter 25.

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>Emerald and Ruby get shown which cannonballs are which.
>The shooting begins, and Emerald does a rather poor job of transporting balls, but he keeps trying!

safe1751832 artist:ficficponyfic2698 oc712498 oc only465706 oc:emerald jewel1640 oc:hope blossoms173 oc:joyride522 oc:ruby rouge416 oc:sensoria67 earth pony266445 pony1011718 unicorn342807 colt quest2494 adult2581 amulet1334 blind967 bowtie10657 child2006 clothes476421 color1695 colt15485 cute205834 earring22193 female1403034 femboy9635 filly69734 foal15756 hair over eyes1138 hair over one eye9349 happy32210 hood1374 horn77856 logo3776 male388449 mantle287 mare502771 photo81573 picture1360 piercing43160 ponytail18887 recap73 robe3754 smiling261413 title237 title card786 tomboy1163 trap4557


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