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Artist -

Jean Thicc
The story  
The story/comic is about zebra (Zjin Wolfwalker) that lives in the snowy northern regions of Equstria, named “Zeb’broni”. Surviving the enviroment, helping the villages, searching for knowledge and history of what happened to this wintery region and trying to find out what are those strange buildings and where the previous Zeb’broni civilization has gone.
This comic is a collaborational comic made by a Guttatus, a writter (not sure if on Derpibooru) and me, Khaki-Cap as an illustrator. The comic is set to have 5 or 6 chapters. We currently have fully written 1st chapter and small part of the 2nd chapter.  
All chapters have brief info about what it should be about.
Current Situation  
The current writer of the this comic has taken a break and doesn’t have quite of a motivation to go on and make 2nd chapter.  
I/we would be glad if anybody could help us with the writing the story.
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