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Personally, I’m not even sure. Maybe for images that specifically have a being that’s displaying behavior that is akin to any run-of-the-mill animal [AKA non-sapience]? But even then that’s still pretty vague, and doesn’t cover characters/beings in a pet or “animal” capacity. I suppose that’s been part of the problem.
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What exactly is the difference between “twilight burgkle” and “that pony sure does love burgers”?
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In theory “that pony sure does love burgers” could apply to some other pony. Say, if Pony Life introduced a new pony who loves burgers even more than Twilight, or if some fan made an OC obsessed with burgers. While “Twilight Burgkle” clearly only applies to Twilight Sparkle. But until another burger pone shows up, then the two tags are functionally identical.
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if not for the context in these posts I would have guessed “twilight burgkle” was an oop on “twilight burgle”.
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NSFW question:
Does the Foalcon tag always apply if an underage character is present in an Explicit picture, even if they themselves don’t engage in the sexual actions? Such as, say, Apple Bloom being somewhere in the background while the action is in the foreground?
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Nothing came up for “slang” on that. Three different h-manga translations with the word “inmon” in the title don’t exactly translate to womb/crotch tattoo either. [
オークの淫紋に悶えし巫女の成れの果て - The end of the fate of the shrine maiden in agony with a nasty crest of Oak
エローナ オークの淫紋に侵された女騎士の末路 - The end of the woman Knight that was attacked by the nasty crest of the elorna Oak
エルフに淫紋を付ける本 - A book with an elven crest attached to it
]( The only closest thing would be this on pixiv: 淫紋 sexual demon tattoo  
Turns out that’s where they got it from. Translates to “Obscene”. Not exactly a “clean” tag though, so it should be aliased to womb tattoo. Might as well throw other possible searches into that for the best chances of hitting what they’re looking for.
sexual demon tattoo, inmon, 淫紋 -> womb tattoo
Or alias inmon and 淫紋 into womb tattoo, have that imply sexual demon tattoo, and leave SDT open for other placements (like on the breasts, throat, mouth, ass, etc.). Should this get its own thread for further discussion?
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The word “laying” is a transitive verb that needs an object; you lay an egg, or you lay a picnic blanket onto the ground. If you’re talking about something you‘re doing, not something you’re doing to something, then “lying” is the intransitive verb; you lie on your bed, or you’re lying on your stomach.
The tag lying down has this correct, but the following tags still need fixing:
laying on bed → lying on bed  
laying on stomach → lying on stomach  
laying on ground → lying on ground  
laying on the ground → lying on ground  
laying on cock → lying on cock  
laying on floor → lying on floor  
laying on top of someone → lying on top of someone  
laying on balls → lying on balls  
laying on cloud → lying on cloud  
laying on pillows → lying on pillows  
laying on tongue → lying on tongue  
laying down meme → lying down meme  
laying in grass → lying in grass  
laying on pony → lying on pony  
changeling laying on pony → changeling lying on pony
That last one is especially amusing, as it implies the changing is laying eggs onto the pony.
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