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Do you still like Discord after The Ending of the End?

Poll results: Do you still like him?

55.56% 5 votes
44.44% 4 votes

Poll ends . 9 votes cast so far.

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I felt like starting this thread because I was wondering if Discord’s popularity really was severely diminished after The Ending of the End. I just hope people who dislike him can live with the fact that there are those who like him and just because some people want him to be turned back to stone doesn’t mean everyone does. It seems like some people will never get over the fact that the villains, particularly Cozy Glow, didn’t get a second chance. I feel like if Discord was turned back to stone, some people would similarly never get over it, either. The poll will be active for two months.
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Thing is, considering how people wanted Grogar to be the final villain, and the fact that Discord did some stuff even before this, I feel it’s likely they would celebrate, though you’re not wrong.
That said, I still do.
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Yes. He wanted to change and did it unlike the trio. Don’t “Cozy is just a filly” me. There is no proof that she is just a kid. I also have my doubts that Hasbro would let a filly be sent to Tartarus instead of being grounded by her parents or even turned into stone. She didn’t die by the way. None of them did. People tend to think Discord, Celestia, and Luna killed them or something. They are still alive just like Discord was when he was turned into stone.
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Unfortunately, people will never, ever get over it.
As for Cozy’s age, understandable, but they actually did send her to Tartarus first, see S8E26. We don’t know if she even has parents.
And to be fair, while true, the thing is, assuming something happened to the statue in G5 (**doubtful
**), we’ll keep the dead assumptions.
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I’ve always tried to understand what they were trying to do with him in the finale. He’s more of an anti-villain than anything, so I get why they wanted to write him trying to do something good in a dubious way. And even disregarding Discord, I never got what the big deal was with the Evil 3 getting stoned when bronies were always begging and pleading for the reformations to stop. Heck, I always thought Discord getting Sombra “killed” was worse than what he “did” to the Evil 3, considering that the Evil 3 literally tried to murder Twilight and her friends and put Equestria in far worse danger. I still want to like the guy and hope reading his arc in the G5 comic will make me enjoy his character like I did before.

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I think if u ask this question on mlp reddit alot more people would say yes but in terms of myself I do but not just because im a fan of him as I hated his matter of principles portrayal.
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