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For ViolentMonkey you have to use:
// @inject-into content
// @grant none
And create your stylesheet like this:
const element = document.createElement(‘STYLE’);
element.setAttribute(‘type’, ‘text/css’);
element.innerHTML = `
.comment_box_flex {
display: flex;
document.body.insertAdjacentElement(‘afterend’, element);
Yeah I’ve seen that in your post above already, my only gripe with that though is that it would make dynamically adding and removing rules (as I already mentioned that I need) quite cumbersome. Well I guess I could just store the rules and update the style HTML on every change instead, although I’m not quite confident that this will work properly.
EDIT: Oh well nevermind, it works just fine now. Thank you :)
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I thought of that as well.
Simple solution is to put the css you want to change into a separate style element and give it an id. Then either replace the contents (I’m not sure if that will cause problems with CSP) or remove and re-add the element.
Strangely, I think the inline styling my script applies directly to elements is also excempt from CSP controls. Either that or it’s just not required. full
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So I’ve gotten a little tired of doing this little dance…
…whenever I’m trying to click on a tag in the middle of the tag soup, here’s a dirty, hacky way of adding half a second of delay to the dropdown using CSS:
Same here, except I wrote it as:
.tag.dropdown>.dropdown__content { display: block; min-width: 100%; z-index: 999;
	visibility: hidden; transition-delay: 0.25s; }
.tag.dropdown:hover>.dropdown__content { visibility: visible; transition: 0s 1s visibility; }

Is there a Userscript to change the Voteicons back to Votepones?
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