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Is there any chance we’ll get a way to increase the maximum number of subscription notices we can track? Maybe not as a default, and maybe not even like images where you can choose how many to view on a page, but just the ability to bump it up to even just 100 instead of 51. On busy days like this with all the new episode images coming out, 51 barely covers a couple hours before the older update notifications are lost.
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Suggestion: Some way to keep track of groups of related images, such as comic pages/panels or variations/edits.
I propose adding a tag, “set:foo:#” where set is fixed, foo is a unique name for the set, and # is the number of that image within the set. Add a bit of code which overrides the by-age sorting when viewing images in a set, and instead automatically sorts them by the number in the tag. To see all images in the set, people could just search for set:foo:*.
I’m not really sure how hard this would be to code since I don’t know how derpibooru’s database is structured or anything, but I think it would be quite an elegant solution from the users’ perspective.
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@Background Pony  
To clarify, the :# bit at the end should be optional, to allow for sets of unordered images, although at that point it really just behaves like any other tag.

Watched List searching, and visible tags.  
As in, if I have X hidden/spoilered, and Y set as a “visible” tag, an image with just X will be hidden/spoilered, an image with just Y will be not bothered, an image with both will be visible. By Y being on that image it makes it visible. IMO it should be an easy change in filtering, something along the lines of  
next if image.tags.­any? { |i| account.v­isibletags­.include?(­i) }  
inside the filtering code.
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The drop-down menus have not been working on touch devices (or at least not on iOS) for a while. I believe the problem was first introduced with the hover-delay update some time ago.
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Closing because this has gotten quite messy and hard to keep track of.
Please go here to report bugs.
Please go here for features and stuff.
Please repost stuff to the appropriate threads if it’s not been addressed yet and is still relevant.
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