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I am the newly hired Developer for Derpibooru's Technical Team! With a fresh new diploma!~

I've checked Philomena Project and found what it was most lacking: a better frontend! I have already reached out to my supervising administrator and assured we could fix a lot of issues with the horrendous user interface, I mean UX is just godawful and I plan on adding features!

I understand that all change is received with a level of scepticism, I assure everyone that these changes are not only going to improve user experience but also give us room for future improvement to build off of. Who here doesn't want a radio playing 24/7 every page you load?

I assure everyone's in safe hooves here; I was top class on UI Design in my 2 years online 'Frontend Design' graduation course. I'll bring the site only the best there is on the market, my college sure prepared me for it!

Sooo! I believe we are at our prime already but please do give your thoughts, feedback is valuable to keep bringing these amazing improvements!

Best regards!
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I absolutely 100% am not kidding when i say i love this
If there were a way to keep it this way for me I would
Thank you
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