Don't blame me, I voted for the other guy. (Politics General)

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Small misconception.
The brain continues to develop into 25-26 range, and technically doesn’t hit “maturity” until the mid 40s. This is true.
But note that “maturity” and development are spectrum terms. Your brain hits an adult level of cognition between the ages of 16 and 20, on average. The continued development takes place in various cognitive aspects but as a whole your brain is “adult” around this point.
There are not many major cognitive milestones left after that, just small refinements.
emg, so after 30 the brain falls into a state of stagnation, and then begins to degrade altogether (I’m talking about the physiological aspect and not the psyche in the first place). As for learning, the level of life experience, well, yes, probably by the age of 30-40 it is maximum, and after that a person begins to gradually lose memory and this happens faster than he has time to learn something new because nerve cells die faster than they are replaced by new ones.
But I’m talking about something else, I’m not talking about gaining maximum life experience, but about the fact that, damn, how can I explain this. Okay, I’ll try this: there is a certain structure in the genes, according to which we should look exactly like this and acquire this or that appearance, but there is also a set of sequences, so to speak, an assembly sequence, it’s like assembly in a factory, after which there is a certain resource each detail and then the shelves begin. It’s the same with the body, it goes through assembly from the embryo, to the baby, and then to the child and to the adult, and breakdowns begin. The brain also has instructions for assembly, first the ancient parts of it are assembled from an evolutionary point of view, we once fought with worms, then with fish, then with reptiles, then with rodents, then with primates, then with humanoids, and now we became humans. As the brain grows, it receives one evolutionary “layer” after another, and even in the form of a person there are different evolutionary steps and stages of brain development. So I’m talking specifically about physiological development, and it entails psychological development, yes, this is a simplified model, but it’s better than considering us as a random set of genes adapted to specific circumstances, since in this case you’ll have to consider a bunch of other variables. That’s why I’m talking about the age of 20-25 years.
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U mad?
Well Russia has lost 7 aircraft this week (incl. an Su-35 and a few Su-34’s) in places they shouldn’t be losing them; AKA well behind their lines. It appears Ukraine is using the mobile Patriot batteries they got from Germany (mounted on trucks instead of a trailer like the ones from America) to get right up near the lines, shoot down aircraft, then run back before Putler’s goons can do a retaliatory strike.
Ukraine has been coming up with some creative tactics that work.
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For anyone that’s delusional enough to believe Russian propagandists, keep in mind it’s not just their state media talking heads that constantly threaten the world with nukes and invasions, but also, explicitly, the government itself.
Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation’s Security Council, has threatened the United States and Europe with nuclear war if Russia is returned to its recognised borders from 1991.
“A return Russia to its 1991 borders will only lead to one outcome. To a global war with Western countries, utilizing our entire strategic arsenal. In Kyiv, Berlin, London, and Washington. For all other beautiful historical sites, which have long been included in our nuclear triad’s attack goals.”
You shouldn’t pay attention to Medvedev, he’s not even a talking head, I don’t know what he is, he seems to have some kind of opinion of his own, but it’s so insignificant, in addition, he’s not too independent, it’s like a small child being looked after by a parent.
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Critical learning periods tend to be done around 25 because biologically humans used to only live to 30-40. Once you get past this age you don’t have to change a whole lot, you just got to keep giving to the tribe what you been giving.
Furthermore making some big decisions even regrettable ones is an important part of neurological and psychological development.
The issue with young transitioners lies solely with steroids acting on a young persons body, the effect is profound and permanently impacts their brain and bodies development. With the limited public knowledge of what being trans is, I can see drugs like these hastily being abused by people who think it’s reversible.
I don’t want to see kids rushing to add steroids to their body when they might not be trans, they might just not know their place in the world, and see some popular trans people, and think that’s the way to be.
Even plenty of adult trans people are scared shitless of the steroids and the surgery. Not for lack of knowledge about them.
This is just the science. Some parents might choose drugs that delay puberty, or might convince their child against it until they’re an adult, or all together. The same way any other treatment might be decided against in light of the risk.
I completely agree with this opinion.
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In Vino Veritas
Okay, let me preface this by mentioning that I am a clinical psychologist, with my specialties being in cognition, social development, and neuro. I did not feel the need to express this fact until you decided to try and cite the old magic at me.
So, I was not speaking about sum total of experiences either, and was indeed talking about actual brain development.
And no, the brain does not undergo any major maturation in terms of milestones (regarding physical development) past around the 16-20ish age range. Only making incrimimental tweaks as it ages until it fully plateaus around the age of 40.
When you are in your early 20s, your brain is fully developed in terms of its major structures. The brain is not adding new structures during maturation, it’s refining and developing the existing ones. It’s not like your prefrontal cortex just pops into existence when you hit adulthood. It’s still very much there, slowly refining itself.
The prefrontal cortex finishes its major maturation between the ages of 18ish - 24ish on average.
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Polish farmers finally unmask their true intentions
It was suspected that the blocking of aid into Ukraine was being orchestrated at least in part by Russia, and it looks like it was true (the commie flag on the tractor makes it even worse).
This reminds me of something, just what? oh yes, that’s right, we raised prices, it’s America’s fault, they raised the retirement age, it’s America’s fault, it’s all America’s fault))) damn it’s the same here, the Russian trace seems to be everywhere)
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Over 500 arrested in RuSSia for laying flowers for Navalny
And sure enough their punishment is becoming cannon fodder in Ukraine.
Where’s that freedom now?
but here I agree, it’s stupid, although I’m sure that no matter how they tried to resolve the situation peacefully, if the laying of flowers had been allowed, they would have staged performances there and then it would probably have ended in pogroms, eventually dispersing the crowd, evil Putin. don’t let them in, and here comes evil Putin again. Navalny himself died, evil Putin killed him, they killed him again, evil Putin killed him. No one needs that truth, some want to hush up this matter, others want to create a scandal and use the news feed.

As an American, “Christian Nationalism” is inherently anti-American on top of being simply another example of Abrahamist NPCs devolving into degenerates and theocrats when they’re unable to shame or scare you into adopting their immoral values.
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(Soeharto was Indonesia’s notorious dictator who ran office for 35 years with a suspiciously high 90% approval rate)
Who said that democracy is the best option and has no disadvantages? Is this democracy or not?)
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@Background Pony #966E
Considering that Putin had a hand in Navalny’s death, they had a right to blame him. If you were being sarcastic, than you chose a poor topic to be “silly.”
Damn, I think I explained everything well enough and even the translation shouldn’t have distorted the essence. I said that in this or that case Putin will be blamed, regardless of the circumstances, and Navalny’s death is now nothing more than an information occasion. Yes, I feel sorry for him as a person, although he is not a very good one, but let’s be realistic, he would not be able to take power in the first place, and secondly, he is just one of the swindlers and not an oppositionist (I already wrote about this).
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Time to get spooky
@Background Pony #966E
You say that like corruption and rigged votes aren’t a possibility, as well as manipulation through perceived past wrongs (like oppression in the past or people being nostalgic for “better times” that are straight up lies about the past).
@Background Pony #966E
I saw your post about him. I also so saw a post from someone who has been in this thread longer than you.
A lawyer, anti-corruption activist and one of Putin’s main opponents.
To summarize, because he was a thorn in Putin’s side, he’s been hit with a suspended sentence on bogus embezzlement charges in 2013, which was grounds for the Election Commission to reject him as a candidate against Putin in the subsequent presidential election. Then in 2020, the FSB attempted to poison him with Novichok nerve agent and he had to be taken to Berlin for treatment. When he came back, he was immediately arrested and imprisoned for parole violation, then in the following years, 19 extra years in prison for “extremism” got tacked on and he got moved around from penal colony to penal colony a few times (at one point, he started a hunger strike to protest his detainment conditions). He was awarded the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought in 2021.
I’ll be frank, I trust Ereiam more than an background who sounds like a Putin shill more often than not.
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Wasn’t a democracy.
the 90% approval rate was the exclusion of disapproving voices from the polling, They were either censored, bought out, exiled, or killed.
So no. It wasn’t a democracy.
Man’s had surrounded himself with yes-men echo chamber.
Prabowo, the current indonesian election winner, was one of Soeharto’s inner circle and was responsible for many of the ‘rebel extermination’ operations, and other various human rights violations.
If Prabowo becomes the prez in October, then Indonesia is on a fast track to yet another fucked up dictatorship.
Fuckin’ hell, mate.
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Well, as far as I remember, the brain develops from the brain stem to the periphery, up and forward, well, something like this, and the frontal lobe is like the youngest department responsible for logic. It’s easier to remember 20-25 years old than 18-24 years old, and there’s not much of a difference, but ease of memorization is another matter; mnemonic memorization methods are still useful. As for the fact that the brain does not create new departments but simply improves them, I know this, but it’s simply too much for me to explain, it’s easier to explain this way. In the end, analogies, beautiful images, examples, all this helps to better understand the essence itself, but if a person doesn’t understand the essence of what is being explained to him, but simply clinging to the words, that’s when the problems begin, it is impossible to explain to everyone that we use language as a means of conveying a semantic load, and each word has a range of images behind it, and if, by summing up the set of words, it was possible to convey the semantic load itself, then it does not have What meaning does a single word carry? I hope this will be clear in English, if not, don’t care.
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hmm, why? Where then does democracy begin and where does it end?)) What if in the USA someone bribes 1% of the votes and wins? will this be democracy? what if it’s 10% what if it’s 30% what if it’s just 1 person? where is this border?)
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“Far right Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has signaled his intent to overturn Obergefell v. Hodges, the 2015 ruling that declared same-sex marriage bans unconstitutional. He argued the Court’s same-sex marriage ruling has lead to discrimination against religious people for the fact that society views anti-gay christians as homophobic (they are).”
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In state news, the other day Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers signed the new state legislature maps into effect. Republicans reluctantly opted to pass Evers’ proposed boundaries as damage control to avoid the Supreme Court imposing an even less favorable map for them.
A top Republican during the vote likened their options as choosing between getting stabbed, shot, poisoned, or the guillotine, and these maps are them choosing to be stabbed. While the partisan rating of the new lines still gives Republicans a slight edge in holding control of both chambers, they are guaranteed to lose their supermajority in the Assembly and see a smaller majority in the Senate.
Democrats in the legislature voted against it at the time, suspecting that it might be a trap. At issue was a “poison pill” line in the final bill that would run special and recall elections under the old maps, with the new lines taking effect for the November general election. They also expressed distrust of their colleagues across the aisle, and suspect that Republicans plan to challenge and overturn the maps before November rolls around (though it’s unclear what case they’d have unless they somehow Hail Mary it to SCOTUS).
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He argued the Court’s same-sex marriage ruling has lead to discrimination against religious people for the fact that society views anti-gay christians as homophobic (they are).”
Ah, the classic “The real racism is the anti-racism!” defense racists pull.
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What I mean is that democracy is an ideology, a spherical horse in a vacuum, like communism, and reality makes its own adjustments.
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I fear that in order to control a large crowd of angry folks, they threaten their families so that they’ll comply.
A man ready to fight and die might reconsider if his wife and child have guns pointed to their heads.
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From what I know about Navalny, he was still a Russian imperialist (with some other unpleasant beliefs like antisemitism). So if he took power, he could have fought corruption, tune the oppression of dissidents down a tad, trick the West into thinking that Russia is on a way to being a normal democratic country, take steps towards fixing the economy… And then still try to get all of Russia’s neighbors under its influence and to weaken and divide the West by spreading misinformation and hatred.
So maybe it’s for the best that Putin is still ruling, as he will rather drive Russia into the ground than give up power. Maybe when Russia hits the bottom, Russians will finally understand that dictators are not to be trusted, that trying to subjugate everyone only makes them your enemy, and that Russia should become a normal, democratic, peaceful country.
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