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Laß mich sterben
Hi! Could anyone please show me pictures of Russian or Chinese green tracer rounds? Like, the tracer as they're fired? It's almost impossible for me to find out those tracer lights Russithe Eastern block bullets leave; I just find Western ammo with red tracers like these:


Also, anyone here knows how many tracer ammunition colours are there? I've heard of red and green, and I think also a blue one, but so far I don't know anything else.


Hi, I'm not entirely sure what you exactly mean (Like, I'm imagining you're referring to some sort of awkward M-16+AA-12 Frankenstein kind of thing from a game that fires both rounds from a single drum magazine), but there are guns that can fire both shotgun rounds and rifle rounds; they're called [Combination guns](, they're often break-action and you have to manually load the shotgun shell and the rifled bullet after firing, which I'm not sure it's the thing you're asking for.

Aside from that, I think you can technically fire shotgun shells from rifled guns, as far [as this Quora question]( and it's replies implies.

Other than that, there are underbarrel extensions for M4s and M16s that are basically ancillary shotgun weapons, the [M26 MASS]( is probably the closest I know to what you might be thinking, and there's also others like the [KAC Masterkey](, which is like a Remington strapped under a rifle.

And well... There are [slug rounds]( for shotguns, which might kinda look like regular bullets because unlike other shells this thing is a big, single bullet that smashes things. So I'm not sure if you might be talking about some gun that fires these.

So, it's not technically unfeasible I think...
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