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What game are you all playing right now??

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Prince of Skrees
Eh, I’m playing TF2 and WoW on and off right now. TF2 I play a bit here and there weekly, while I wait for Valve to fix Casual and for the Pyro update. Still rather play TF2 than Overrat-I mean Overwatch.  
And WoW same until Blizzard decides to add the rest of the 7.2 campaign and the class campaigns.  
Doom 4 I just finished my second full playthrough. Game’s amazing, probably my favorite game from last year.  
Super Meat Boy is insaaaane.
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@Pacific Glow  
I’ve always wanted to get more into Quake but I’m never sure which one has the most active player base. I played Quake Live for a while when it was free, then my account got deleted for inactivity and now that it actually costs money, I’d like to know whether it’s the most active Quake or not.
It’s funny how the main thing stopping me from playing Super Meat Boy is that there’s a bandage I got, yet the game doesn’t register me as actually having it. Apparently you can fix it by editing something in the game files that I’ve been too lazy to look up.
Lately I’ve mostly been playing League and AudioSurf 2. What’s funny to me is that I only came back to League a few weeks ago after not playing in months and apparently in the time I spent away, my former favorite role (jungle) became my least favorite, while my least favorite role then (adc) is now my favorite. It’s like my play style did a complete 180 while I was away.
I’m kind of wanting to get into an FPS, though. Overwatch is alright when I’m in the mood for it, but I think I’d like to start playing a non-class-based shooter. CSGO is always an option, I guess, although now that it’s been brought up, I might try getting back into Quake.
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Queen of the Cyberponies
Funny thing is…I didn’t even care much for Zelda before :p  
I’ve tried playing Link’s Awakening, Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess…none were able to keep my interest… Though since I have a brother who’s a huge fan (ironically because of me introducing it to him via Link’s Awakening) and the hugeness of the game itself I know most of the lore and characters XD I guess I just liked the concept but not the games??? I don’t know…
But then everybody at work kept praising this game and even though I know THEY are Zelda-fans so of course they’d praise it… I decided to just buy it and I got hooked XD
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