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Wanting to talk about bad convention experience.

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Non-brony fan here. Been lurking the site for a while since I removed my art from it, but at least here I can post anonymously since I know how vicious bronies can be and that terrifies me. Plus I don’t know if this is the right place for this.
I’m really just writing this because I feel I need to get it off my chest while it’s still fresh. I just attended my second mlp convention and I did not have a good time. I won’t say which, just in case there are attendees on here who have had a good time and I dont want to ruin that for them.
Went to my very first mlp convention in 2019, And I think I had a good time, it really helped me come out of my shell. There was a lot to see and do.
This time, the con felt so lacking in interesting things to do compared to the first time I went (when there was so much more to do). In the end I just went through the vendor area a few times, bought some things and sat down and sketched for the remainder of the first day. The second day I just stayed for a couple of hours and left.
Having an anxiety attack right before the con wasn’t fun, and I’m comfortable with massive crowds of people, but not a convention full of like minded people. A place where I should feel at my most comfortable.
People weren’t as social as I’d thought, but I think that’s my own expectation, I guess that came from all the con videos of strangers getting social Ans having s good time. But I always assumed that people in the fandom were always down to meeting like-minded people.
I suppose with this, it has put me off going to cons and has somewhat affected my enjoyment of mlp since I’m just going to be looking back at this experience. Same feeling goes with drawing or watching anything MLP.
I think that’s all I have to say. I may not return to cons, or that con in general. I’m not here for sympathy, I really needed to talk about this.
You can respond to this with your own bad convention experience or your thoughts on mine, gives me something to look at while I return to lurking.
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