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Non MLP Shipping Thread

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Shipping! As wonderful as it is terrifying. I’d like to think that most of us ship even if some of us don’t admit it. So this thread is to discuss, debate, and argue over ships of any kind except MLP:FIM ships. Be it normal or strange. The only rule is keep it as close to civil as possible. Please, no insults or death threats, ‘cause that’s just not cool. Otherwise GO NUTS.  
BTW I ship Peter Parker and Tony Stark
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Corrupter of the pure
I ship yakumo yukari and yakumo ran from touhou and personally I like to think of chen as their kid. Even though it’s never officially stated that Yukari and Ran are a couple it is heavily implied.  
Picture of them:  
(Ran on left, Yukari in middle, Chen on right)  
. . . Yes I did just make a joke about yukari’s age.  
*train drops on me through a gap for said joke  
@And Brother I Hurt People
Mami needs more love in general.
Eh, don’t lose your head over her not getting enough attention.  
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Well, in show, you can see they have a strong chemistry with each other. They look after each other constantly and care for each other deeply. Although it might be purely friendship, they have one of the strongest bonds in the show besides maybe Ryuko and Senketsu. The closest ship I can compare this to is PinkieDash for mlp.
Thread Starter - /nsfw-monster-musume-thread

Corrupter of the pure
Solid Snake x Liquid Snake
“It’s not over yet!”  
“Metal gear!”  
“Rise and shine. Snake”  
“You could have stopped us.”  
“Stopped you? Why would I want to do that? This is just as I’d hoped things would end.”
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