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Same as Default, but hidden content is spoilered.

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1000 hours in ms paint5365 abuse6921 content-aware scale103 deviantart stamp553 drama3147 drama bait843 explicit333325 exploitable meme33052 fluffy pony grimdark2624 forced meme1260 grimdark29615 grotesque11346 nazi3439 not pony related91 obligatory pony6238 politics1352 pony creator2992 questionable108906 racism698 seizure warning3197 semi-grimdark28651 spoiler:my little pony: pony life9 spoiler:pony life s01e4340 spoiler:pony life s01e4425 spoiler:pony life s01e4530 spoiler:pony life s01e4662 suggestive135142 text only3280 vulgar19922 youtube caption6465
(drama || mouthpiece, edit)

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