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Okey here is the story behind this:
Like two years ago I discover on deviant Art a great manga created by xxangeluciferxx on it is the story of the r63 male counterpart of Twilight Sparkle; Dusk Shine. The manga begins from the very first episode where Dusk Shine is sent to ponyville to learn about friendship (but that story we already know it) so the autor propouse another angle: what about if instead learning about friendship he suffer finding love, the story was writen on a FimFic of the same name, sadly that fic had an abrupt end (the motives still unclear to me) Right now the manga itself is on hold.
Some months ago I begin to create my own story, instead start from the begining I decide to initiate with a different arc a little forward in the story: the Boast Busters episode where one of my favourites ponies appears for very first time THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE, I always wondered how it will come if she cross paths with Dusk Shine and instead an enemy she find a cute and appealing prospect :D Sooo… I contacted the author and ask permission for use his designs of the main six (If you have seen the manga you will agree with me those are grogeous) He said no problem with that :)
Anyway I’ve been delaying this project for so long, most of my other commissioned comics are done and those wich not soon will be. that’s why I must start this before bury myself in more work. This doesn’t mean I will cancel any of my current comics: Double Trouble, Gang Bangerz, After Classes and of course Cat’s Delicacy will continue be sure of that. But I wanted do a sfw comic since the last year and I gonna take this opportunity :3
It will have the same success of my other NSFW comics? that time will tell, I just hope continue with your support as always. So here it is the official cover and the not so-official title boast lovers… (Idk I accept title suggestions btw) In any case this comic will start on April don’t know the exact day yet but will not the 1st thats for sure XD Wish me luck! I already leave behind my artblock and I’m ready for drawing again!!!

safe2197323 artist:anibaruthecat1211 snails5808 snips4641 trixie80020 twilight sparkle361038 pony1627768 unicorn549464 comic:boast lovers4 comic:the unexpected love life of dusk shine183 g42053237 clothes644572 colt20871 dusk shine2769 female1828655 half r63 shipping2710 heart78502 heart eyes30591 horn203504 horn ring7823 male559323 mare757877 ring7041 rule 6333846 ship:trixshine52 ship:twixie5392 shipping257461 stockings49454 straight181744 throne4406 trixie gets all the stallions27 trixie's fans106 wingding eyes41682


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