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suggestive190473 artist:derkrazykraut154 princess celestia112570 g42026444 adventure in the comments1345 bound wings4833 bridle4972 butt230760 female1799642 horses doing horse things1518 looking at you258653 looking back86346 plot143800 reins1224 saddle2708 sketch82459 smiling396455 solo1423842 solo female234128 stirrups195 tack7096 tail wrap8306


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Background Pony #1725
I’d become a dictator and ride her so I’d get many swag points, or something :v
Background Pony #FA62
“Tsk. I got this outfit for my playtime with Twilight, and she picks this time to be tardy.”

I exist, probably.
Oh okay, a bunch of E-rping goin’ on in the comments ya’ll could take it to private messages, Celestia’s face here about sums up my reaction.
I’ll just unsubscribe and leave you to it.
Solar's Wrath
Artist -

Boobs/Snake Goddess
@Techy Pony  
Celestia kick him right in the face the moment he grabbed her by the tail Then you decided that you will get punished. she said with a smile
((Don’t mess with Tia :3))
Techy Pony

@Solar’s Wrath  
“I’ll apologize if you do, and as a princess of over a thousand years should realize the importance of admitting her own mistakes. See, even a lowly commoner can do so. I’m sorry Princess Celestia of Equestria for speaking soo lewdly to thyself and referring to you as little more than a piece of meat. It was unbecoming of me and certainly an inappropriate way to speak to you, and I sincerely appologize for my actions.”
Techy Pony

@Solar’s Wrath  
“Yes, and I’d say thank you but given the circumstances I don’t think one is deserved. Before you put my head back up there, think for a second, was a non genuine snarky comment really deserving of that? Non genuine or not though, I shouldn’t have said it, sorry, and yes I’ll ‘behave’, though I’m not sure what say a princess has in my personal behavior.”
Solar's Wrath
Artist -

Boobs/Snake Goddess
Celestia pull him back out with her magic and levitate him to her, hanging him by one leg in front of her You will behave now?