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Prelude to Power
This episode… this finale, just like oh my GOSH.  
MLP:FIM Season 4 soo good, soo sooooo good hehe.
Also this finale was so good, the title part “Prelude” is kinda because this is just the start of what my mind has planned for me to cover on this episode.  
As in, I’m going to try and cover the entire episode with multiple arts. My mind would just not accept I’d only make 1 piece though I did want 1 piece finished today.  
See a little very rough preview of my plans: sta.sh/0hdpn61hqnp
Anyhow, thought I’d start out with where the main storyline actually seemed to begin.  
Who would’ve guessed they would throw us back to Cerberus’s appearance back then influencing this. That continuity is one of those great parts.
So much to say about this episode, I recapped the episode talking for 2,5 hours in my stream. I might actually upload that soon for those who want to give it a listen or something heh.
Hope y’all enjoyed this season and I’m sure will get through the wait for season 5 together!
Approx Time: 9-10 hours? if I take into account trying to match up the Battle scene with just about every song we could think of for more than an hour XD (It all fit a bit too well at times)  


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Cerberus at least knew the Princesses were as innocent as newborn fillies and did not deserve to rot in Tartarus. He at least made them as comfortable as he could until Tirec was re-imprisoned and they could go home. After that…I would have loved to see the look on Tirec’s face as Cerberus advanced on his cell, all three heads growling and snarling with fury at Tirec’s act against Celestia, Luna, and Cadence…
Anyone thinking of a new flavor for Cerberus’ dog food?
Ud the Imp
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Honestly, this got me thinking: Maybe their were more breakouts than initially Tirek. Maybe there’s more evil nasties down from Tartarus that escape when Cerberus was distracted. Maybe the Big Bad from Season 5 is the guy that distracted Cerberus in the first place……
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I love how the left and top two heads are angry, while the rightmost looks like he’s just realized how much trouble they’re going to be in for this.