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The second roster sheet of the /mlp/ characters.
Note: Please don’t argue about ‘x character has x name already in muh headfanon’

safe2210573 screencap298785 blueberry cake881 brawly beats338 curly winds800 indigo wreath599 micro chips1559 some blue guy778 sweet leaf660 velvet sky638 equestria girls260433 g42065295 my little pony equestria girls9164 /mlp/5915 /nn/ general5 background human6971 chloe commons48 cupcake7105 drama3328 mary donna26 naomi nobody29 pete pasta6 reference sheet19384 roman roland10 timothy typhoon5


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Writer of the descriptions here:
Yeah I feel like I could have done much better, the 1st part is just superior.  
Expect a re-work of these someday.
@Background Pony #1CD3  
as @Background Pony #0731 said, it’s just a remnant of /mlp/‘s reaction at the 1st EqG trailers, some of us expected the names to be altered to sound more human (it is what caused the birth of “Brad” as a different character) we kept this naming habit to differentiate “our” vision of BG humans.  
It’s pretty much “complete headcanon territory” so you’re free to imagine them with different names.  
(Just a friendly advice: don’t come to the /nn/ thread to say that you want a different name for X character, no change is gonna happen.)
Also, for all those even little curious about this rag-tag band of unlucky bastards, please, come give a look at our humble general on 4chan, “The Bradical Adventures in Canterlot High”.
Background Pony #B83F
why are tehy human names when in eqg the names were still their pony names.. I’ll stick to calling them BG characters over “Timothy” lawl…