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Which episode is this from? Can somepony help me?
safe (1429881)screencap (174865)bon bon (14651)candy mane (253)carrot top (4887)golden harvest (4885)linky (1216)lyra heartstrings (26106)pokey pierce (1217)rainbowshine (711)shoeshine (1344)sugar cookie (23)sweetie drops (14640)simple ways (1158)goggles (11728)hair bun (2259)helmet (8072)microscope (62)mobile (70)planetary bob (14)wonderbolt trainee uniform (1037)

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Isn’t it Noteworthy?
I mean, with a name like that, I always headcanoned that he’d easily be swayed into any new fad constantly trying to become famous/noticed.

That’d be a cool name for him too.
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