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A picture by Jaxonian that I colored… Coloring this may have been a mistake; I'm not too happy with it.

Jaxonian, hope you don't mind the changes I made… I usually don't have to deal with the original artist seeing how I ruined their artistic vision, seeing as I usually shop japanese loli.

Also, Shading the human looked… weird, and I couldn't shade the Crusaders without the human looking out of place. I might redo this and fix that at a later date.

On a completely random note, the layer where I drew in Scoots secretions, I named 'Scootagoo'.

Well it made ME laugh.
explicit320333 artist:jaxonian223 color edit7213 edit119087 apple bloom46814 babs seed5631 scootaloo49286 sweetie belle46815 earth pony202834 human143796 pegasus243718 pony853507 unicorn270317 ask fapplebloom132 anus87738 babe seed11 blushing177537 colored17864 cutie mark crusaders18022 fapplebloom68 female908795 filly59971 fingering4106 foalcon16881 group sex13902 human male6294 human male on filly515 human on pony action9853 interspecies20854 male308646 masturbation17187 nudity336756 orgasm10272 sex108458 straight122533 sweat23267 threesome9246 vaginal secretions36581 voyeurism2040 vulva112864 you gets all the cutie mark crusaders19 you gets all the fillies23


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Background Pony #A9E3
Also, for anyone else who's offended by this content it's easy enough to block. Just add "foalcon" to your hidden tags list in your filter settings, or if you're not logged in you can switch to a different default filter.
Background Pony #A9E3
@Background Pony #3FEC
Possibly because they want to fap to it. That's usually why people draw porn.

Also, it's an image drawn by a consenting adult for the enjoyment of other consenting adults. Comparing that to child abuse (I assume that's what you meant by pedophilia) is deeply insulting to the actual victims, who are considerably more real than the characters shown here.