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safe2174391 artist:thunderhawk0343 rainbow dash279903 scootaloo58764 pegasus496503 pony1602527 comic:when a pegusus blooms1 g42028924 comic135437 crying55472 cuddly104 cute265757 cutealoo3929 cuteness overload328 cutest pony alive72 cutest pony ever52 daaaaaaaaaaaw7012 duo169937 duo female30941 feels1680 female1802733 filly97364 flower39483 foal44183 harsher in hindsight398 heartwarming833 hnnng2752 hug37597 huggable154 hugs needed126 mare741058 rainbow6723 scootalove2083 siblings21810 sisters17968 symbolism111 winghug3902


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Background Pony #4F47
You mean the ‘running-like-a-scared-chicken-and-needing-divine-intervention-because-of-a-simple-nightmare’-episode?
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

@Flash Drive
Don’t worry about him, hey just a sad troll that has made just over 2000 posts like this on these kind of comics and art featuring scootaloo. Before and after said episode.
Background Pony #4F47
Pegasi can fly nearly from birth. There are late bloomers… and then there are (Scoota-)losers. Also, when a filly you barely know jumps at you and starts calling you ‘sister’… Get that restraining order.
Background Pony #2946
Yeah, this one’s way too mushy for RD. Yes, she cares, but she’s usually more direct and blunt about her opinions. That and the jump from “role model” to “sister” happens too quick (for either character).
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Chaotic Neutral
The sappiest of the sap, you could be covered in sap and you still wouldn’t be nearly as sappy as this…damn,lol.