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safe2173822 apple bloom60008 applejack200416 big macintosh33593 bon bon18798 button mash4819 cheerilee11243 derpy hooves57497 diamond tiara11814 discord37540 dj pon-333258 doctor whooves11789 fluttershy258543 gilda11344 king sombra17131 lyra heartstrings34097 minuette6859 nightmare moon20364 octavia melody27605 photo finish3006 pinkie pie255795 princess cadance40039 princess celestia112681 princess luna117180 queen chrysalis42156 rainbow dash279843 rarity217501 scootaloo58747 screw loose607 shining armor28068 silver spoon7543 snails5780 snips4612 sunset shimmer79100 sweetie belle56731 sweetie drops18798 tank3106 time turner11789 trixie79536 twilight sparkle357655 vinyl scratch33258 oc947265 oc:fluffle puff3179 griffon36710 pony1602008 ursa major183 ursa minor672 g42028518 cutie mark crusaders22374 everypony419 female1802157 mane six37599 meta18638 text89548 vulgar25299


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Background Pony #76EA
Lol. The old “have someone who isn’t in the fandom/ a parent or grandparent/little kid guess character names, personality, etc”. Never gets old.
Joseph Raszagal
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Emily Brickenbrackle III
Every single second I spent reading this was amazing.
Dear diary,
Today OP was the furthest thing from a duck. I should buy them a beer sometime.